This has been an exciting year at the Forever Chai Foundation of Canada!


With your help, we have funded renovations and program expansions at the Shabtai Levi Home, engaged our local Toronto community and had successful fundraising events.


Thanks to your support, Phase One of the FCFC Mother/Child Unit renovation is complete, the children’s outdoor play space has been renovated and Shabtai Levi Home’s (SLH) proven, professional programs have been expanded and enhanced. We fund everything from the cost of food and healthcare, preschool, JK and SK, therapeutic programs, facility maintenance and renovations. The list is long and the needs are many.

Passover is a time of renewal and a celebration of freedom. Both of which are happening right now at the Shabtai Levi Home!

Mothers are being renewed and transformed from abusive and neglectful to loving, caring and responsible parents. Their children are blossoming into enthusiastic individuals who are happy, and hopeful. With intensive training, therapy and support, these children and their mothers are able to take their places as full and productive members of Israeli society.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Mother/Child Unit at the Shabtai Levi Home and within this newsletter you will be able to read a summary of its growth and accomplishments. We are sure that you will smile as you read how children in our community have adopted the children of Shabtai Levi as their special friends and how impressed our donors who visit the Home are with what they see.


We are writing to you, our generous donor community, about a crucial situation facing the Shabtai Levi Home. Although we have communicated before about the need to construct bomb shelters (safe rooms) at the Home, this need has taken on greater urgency in light of this summer’s war in Gaza, the ever-growing turmoil in Syria and the presence of ISIS forces on Syrian soil. Should this ghting expand, the North, with Haifa as its main center, will certainly be a target.

In just a few days, we will gather with our families to celebrate the holiday of Passover. We will take our places at the table as grandparents, parents and children and read from the Haggadah retelling the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

The joyous holiday of Chanukah celebrates a time of miracles. First it was the miracle of the defeat of the many by the few – the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks. Next was the miracle of the oil when a one-day supply of pure oil lasted for eight days so that the re-dedication of the Temple could take place.

We personally want to thank you, our invaluable Toronto community, for your continued support of the Shabtai Levi Home in Haifa, Israel. In the few short years since the Forever Chai Foundation of Canada was established to meet the needs of the Home, we have been overwhelmed and delighted by the ongoing generosity that the Toronto Community has shown in support of this worthy cause.



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